"This is a report on the use of the Pee-Wee at a lookout tower. I love it! It is a godsend to not have to climb up and down the stairs (60 feet) to pee. I also love that I don't have to squat to use it , like I would in a chamber pot affair. It is an added bonus that the pee is warm, so in the winter you could warm your hands cleanly. It is also easy to measure the amount of fluid one produces, for general health info. Love it! Love it! Love it!"
-S. Edgar August 2012

"The Clean Waste system is the perfect human waste solution for the needs of programs like the Canyon Country Youth Corps who perform service work on public lands. Our participants are typically in remote locations for days at a time, working in pristine desert and riparian environments where human waste cannot be disposed of by burial, and where land managers are very concerned about maintaining water quality.

With Clean Waste, our participants have a sanitary, self-contained option that leaves ZERO impact on the backcountry, and the sterility of the system means that disposal is as easy as finding a dumpster. Using the Clean Waste system has also improved our relationship with land managers, who appreciate the simplicity of the system and our dedication to keeping the environment clean."  
-Four Corners School of Outdoor Education @ Canyon Country Discovery Center

"After researching all of the different portable toilets my wife and I decided yours is by far the best. After being away from camping for about 20 years we decided to start up again. We already got a new tent, but we really wanted a toilet so we don't have to venture out at night. We use to have a portable flush toilet but weren't happy with it. The chemical smell reminded us of a chemical toilet and it required a regular toilet to dump the waste in. With the Go Anywhere toilet we just have to bag the waste and throw it in the trash. Also, once our homes sewer backed up. If that ever happens again the Go Anywhere would be so easy to set up and use until the drain is cleared. We like that others stated that your toilet is very sturdy and comfortable. It is exactly what my wife and I require to start camping again. I am glad that I took the time to recearch the web to discover it."  Anon December 2012

"We used your PETT system on our 53-day X-country camping adventure. Not only were we very pleased with the ease of use, but we found the stability and strength to far surpass our expectations. We would highly recommend this product to anyone who asked us."
-Richie Hare

"Just wanted to say that I received the Cleanwaste toilet today and I am very happy with the ease of setting it up and taking it down. This will make all of our camping needs so much better as well as having it in our emergency preparedness kit!
Thanks for a terrific product!"
-Maggie Harris Las Vegas, NV

“I have used Cleanwaste products for 2 years at our hospital. The Sani-Bags+® provide a clean, sanitary way for patients to use the bathrooms in times of water or power outages. Cleanwaste has been great about getting my orders to me in a timely manner-even when I need them rushed!”
-Laura Jull

“I am a trucker and I have purchased Go Anywhere Toilet Kits® and toilet for about 3 years. The kits contain everything that is needed for my personal use. It completely omits the need to use public restrooms when driving. “
-Jon Sutter

"I'm an over-the-road truck driver and the GO anywhere portable toilet® helped me out more than once! It sets up in a snap and fits perfect in my sleeper so I don't have to find a stinky truck stop restroom in the middle of the day OR night!"
- Roland Vander Vos, Kenyon Noble Lumber Company

"I have ordered other such privacy tents but nothing compares to this one. I have a group that enjoys canoe camping and I was pleasantly surprised with this unit. Great job!"
- Kevin Ostrowsky

"Being an Australian, we spend plenty of time in the bush...and when you gotta go, you gotta go! In all of my TV adventures, the GO anywhere portable toilet® is the most clever and easy to use, ecologically-sound outdoor toilet I've ever sat on!"
- Shaun Murphy, The Eco Trekker

"I recently bought a GO anywhere portable toilet® for my horse trailer (for me, not my horse!). It's awesome. . ..It's simple to set up, inoffensive and ever-so convenient...and the disposal is fantastic."
-Ann Ezzell

"The council concurred that the GO anywhere portable toilet system is an outstanding technology. Its strengths are that it's portable, easy to use, environmentally friendly, and affordable. The product is well researched and developed"
- Office of Law Enforcement Technology Commercialization Advisory Council

"The bags were a huge success. We used them in our convoy operations where porta potties were not available. We also used them with our Transportation Battalion in Iraq. All other units in the area had to burn the waste. Our TSB just threw the bags out in the trash."
- Lt.Col. Jim Rubino, USMC

"It's twice the product at half the price."
- Director of Bureau of Population, Refugees & Migration

" . . .a real well thought-out piece of equipment. . . . it provides a much-needed technological solution...easily transported, quickly emplaced and a simple disposal solution."
- U.S. Army Force Documentation Analyst

"(We) have interest in the use of this product to protect the public health and the environment in Maryland"
- Director, Waste Management Administration, Maryland Department of the Environment

"This is spill-proof and odorless and environmentally friendly, all at the same time."
AP News/National Guard Show

"It's the 'next generation' in portable toilets"

"In the Iast 26 years. . .I can say your (portable toilet) system is the best I've seen."
- Analyst, Wal-Mart New Product Assessment Center

"Stable and hygienic. This innovative, eco-friendly toilet has full-size features but folds to an easy-to carry briefcase size for travel."

"...inexpensive enough to make this a true necessity."
-Hooked on the Outdoors

"This system is so neat that you just might be able to convince your better half to accompany you on the next camping trip."
-GUN WEEK Magazine

"Its functionality, portability and convenience make the GO anywhere portable toilet® to porta-potties what the Winnebago is to its doublewide cousins."
- Outfitter Magazine

"...the GO anywhere portable toilet® is receiving national attention and orders are coming in from around the world."
- Business to Business

"...turns human waste into a harmless gel that can be disposed of in the garbage."
- The Salt Lake Tribune

"THE GO anywhere portable toilet® solves one of life's little miseries."
-SHOT Business Daily

"There's nothing quite like this on the market, and there has never been such an easy, convenient and unobjectionable way to deal with personal waste before."
- Park County Weekly

"Finally, a portable (7 lbs) engineered toilet system that is eco-friendly, convenient and sanitary."
- River Magazine

Formerly Phillips Environmental. Same products. Same company. New name.