What are the GO anywhere toilet kits® (WAG BAGs®) and how many are included with the toilet or complete system?
The bags and their packaging are made with a proprietary blend of polymers and natural starches. There are two bags - one waste collection bag pre-loaded with Poo Powder® gelling and deodorizing agent used to encapsulate liquid and solid waste, and a puncture-resistant zip-close bag to secure and transport waste. Toilet paper and hand sanitizer wipe are also included. These bags are safe to dispose in normal trash. The bags can be used in any dry marine, R.V., 5 gallon bucket or household toilet, just use it, seal it, toss it!
One bag is included per GO anywhere portable toilet®, fifteen bags are included in the GO anywhere toilet system.
How many uses per GO anywhere toilet kit®?
There is enough gelling powder to gel 32 ounces (946.35 ml) or 3-4 uses. This is a personal choice/decision; the gel keeps on working until fully saturated, and must be activated by a liquid to properly encapsulate the solid waste. The toilet's lid can be placed on the toilet over used bags to keep out insects.  Extra toilet paper and hand wipes may be needed. You may also want to consider purchasing a canister of Poo Powder® waste treatment and sprinkle a little on top of the waste between uses.
I’m taking a trip with 8 people for 3 days. How many GO anywhere toilet kits® do I need?
Figure 2 kits per person, per day for maximum convenience. In this case, you will need 48 GO anywhere toilet kits®.
What is Poo Powder®?
Poo Powder is a proprietary blend of a NASA-developed super-absorbent designed to gel and encapsulate liquid and solid waste, and a natural deodorizing agent and decay catalyst. Poo Powder is non-toxic and odorless, however if it comes in contact with eyes, flush with water immediately. If ingested, administer large amounts of water. Do not flush in a working toilet.
How tall is the GO anywhere portable toilet®/The PETT® Toilet?
The toilet seat stands 14" off the floor, same as a regular household toilet. The three legs make it stable on uneven terrain, and the lid can be placed under the back legs for more stability on soft ground. It also has the same seat/bowl size as a standard toilet. The toilet weighs approximately 7 lbs (3.17 kg)
How do I fold up the legs on the GO anywhere portable toilet®?
Set the toilet upside down with the legs pointed up. With your thumbs, press out against the small tab holding the leg open. Push on the leg so it moves past the plastic tab, allowing the leg to fold.
Is it ok to use the bags without the GO anywhere portable toilet®/The PETT® Toilet?
Yes, the toilet kits can be used in any situation - a dry toilet, boat/RV toilet, hollowed out log, 5 gallon bucket or by simply laying it on the ground. The GO anywhere toilet kits® are used by rock climbers, kayakers, campers, the military, FEMA, fire fighters, mining industries, truckers, commuters, etc.
How do I prevent setting the tent up inside out?
When setting up: Hold the tent on the ground with the hinged joints pointing up like spider legs. Carefully spread the hinged joints apart and lift by the looped cord attached to the round center joint. Then simply straighten the poles until the clasps snap in place. You may need to push the springs into place.

When taking down: Always make sure the door is zipped closed before taking down the tent. Start disengaging the upper hinges first by firmly pulling apart, then work your way around to the bottom, allowing the tent to implode into the center just like how you opened it.
What are the stakes and tie-downs for and how do I attach them?
Stakes and tie downs are used to secure the tent to most any outdoor surface and protect from shifting in the wind. The shelter is designed with ground flaps on which sand or rocks may be placed when stakes and tie downs are not practical.

Tie the end of the cord that does NOT have the black adjustable slider to the middle hinge. From the slider, pull a loop using the knotted end as an anchor. Insert tent stakes into that loop, secure into the ground, then tighten the cords by sliding the black adjuster until tight.
Why does the cover come off when the GO anywhere portable toilet® is set up for use / why would I need the optional bottom cover?

The cover is intended to be removed when the toilet is set up for use. The cover protects the seat when stored, and can be used as a stabilizer on soft ground by placing the cover under one or two of the legs.

The optional bottom cover is designed just like the top cover. It is designed to cover the folded legs for complete enclosure and prevent dirt and insects from getting inside the net/toilet when the toilet is not in use. The optional bottom cover is also used as a stabilizer on soft ground by placing the cover under one or two of the legs.

What is the warranty on the GO anywhere toilet products?
One year manufacturer’s warranty against all manufacturer’s defects, however, if you experience any malfunction with any of our products, please call Customer Service at 1.877.520.0999.


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