For the 140+ million outdoor enthusiasts in the U.S. we are providing freedom to ‘go’-- on the trail, hiking, packing, boating, hunting, riding or going just about anywhere in the world. Safe, easy, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly.


For our armed forces worldwide—we are ease, comfort and portability whenever and wherever these brave troops have to ‘go’—in the air, on a convoy or tank, in training rotations, or remote FOB.

Home Healthcare:

For the over 64,000,000 home healthcare patients and caregivers in this country, we are the safest, most sanitary, dignified and comfortable way to handle bedpan and commode use for loved ones.

Institutional Healthcare:

For hospitals and institutional healthcare facilities, we are the best way to keep caregivers and patients safe and sanitary when commode or bedpan use is needed.

Emergency/Disaster Relief:

When disaster strikes and bathroom facilities are wiped out, we are a safe, sanitary, private and dignified way to deal with human waste and prevent the spread of disease.


We are freedom to ‘pee’ wherever and whenever the need arises. From people on the ‘go’, to those stuck planning around the nearest bathroom due to aging / health-related urgency/frequency, count on Pee-Wee® unisex urine bag. Safe, portable, sanitary--Pee-Wee to the rescue!  


For millions of hard working folks in trucking, utilities, mining, construction, agriculture or any industrial setting, we provide safe, sanitary, time-and-money-saving solutions when plumbing isn’t available.

Formerly Phillips Environmental. Same products. Same company. New name.