Industrial / Transportation

On, over, under, or off the road, trucking, utilities, mining, construction, agriculture – in any industrial setting – Cleanwaste is the world’s leader in solving human waste problems when plumbing’s not accessible.

Cleanwaste’s GO anywhere products bring safety, true portability, cost effectiveness – and dignity – to your workforce when they ‘gotta GO’ on the go. Our GO anywhere toilet kits® are pre-loaded with a NASA-developed super-absorbent that gels up to 32 ounces of waste in just seconds and include an odor neutralizer and a decay catalyst that breaks down waste. The bags can be disposed of in the normal trash. Our patented, lightweight toilet and shelter set up in seconds. More than 10,000,000 used by the US military and FEMA.

When your crew can’t take time to find or use permanent plumbing, Cleanwaste dry toilet systems provide them the right tool helping them go safe, easy, clean, green and privately – anywhere, anytime.

Say goodbye to the discomfort, embarrassment and uncertainty of not knowing where to go.
Say goodbye to the unsanitary mess and disposal of beverage bottles.
Say goodbye to the schedule-killing stops at truck stops and rest areas.

Formerly Phillips Environmental. Same products. Same company. New name.