The most sanitary, safe, environmentally-friendly solution available. Sani-Bag+ contains a NASA-developed gelling agent, complete with a proprietary blend of natural enzymes, decay catalysts and deodorizing agents that traps and encapsulate liquid and solid waste preventing splashbacks, spills and contact with waste. Caregivers can tie and toss in normal household trash, with no cleanup.
  • The ONLY product containing a deodorizing agent.
  • The ONLY product that delivers a 99.9% barrier preventing the spread of disease such as E.coli, C. diff and MRSA.

Each Includes:
  • Sani-Bag+.
  • Poo Powder® gelling/deodorizing agent.

  • Each waste kit gels up to 32 oz.
  • Good for multiple uses.
  • Fits standard and bariatric size commodes and bedpans.

Available in: 10-pack, 100 packs Ind. wrapped, Unwrapped 50 and 200 Packs
Formerly Phillips Environmental. Same products. Same company. New name.