Toilet in a Tube®

People who love spending time out in the wild don’t want to leave a mess behind. That means any kind of mess. Which is why Toilet in a Tube by Cleanwaste comes in so handy. It combines some of our best Go Anywhere products. So nature lovers can leave the Great Outdoors as great as it was when they got there. It meets the Bureau of Land Management pack-out requirements. It's Portable, lightweight and easy to use. Made in Montana.

Each Includes:
  • Toilet in a Tube plastic container that acts as a disposable storage tube
  • 8 bags filled with Poo Powder® to absorb up to 32 oz. of liquid
  • .26 oz. of Poo RepaAIR® Deodorizer Spray
  • 2 large, double-layer disposal bags

Formerly Phillips Environmental. Same products. Same company. New name.